The different types of micheladas are as various as the people who enjoy them.  Michelada Map is the place where it all comes together.

A good michelada can be hard to find. So let’s make it easier.

The tasty Mexican beverage is making its way in popularity around the world, and the fandom is growing. The permutations for crafting this cocktail are endless and many restaurants and bars are putting their own twist on the south-of-the-border classic.

This is our effort to let others know about who is doing it best.

Through community, you can learn and share the best places to enjoy a michelada in any neighborhood.

Let us know your favorite local spot, so we can add to the map. Rate your favorite and let others know what you think of the micheladas in your town. Share your michelada adventures while you travel. Find the next great michelada event near you.

Be sure to sign up for our updates, and follow us on the journey to Find the Spice everywhere.

Find Your Next Michelada

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